We’re as passionate about process as we are about problem solving. Our fine tuned project process has delivered many successful products over the years. 

In the discovery phase we immerse the team into your business and the needs of your users. We start with a kick-off meeting to discuss objectives and goals, then spend time exploring the requirements at a high-level through workshops, paper prototyping, spikes and some very artistic whiteboard diagrams. Fully understanding the whole concept together gives us the insight necessary to uncover all the opportunities and challenges of the project. 

Now we move into the definition and design phase where our team collaborate with you to craft the visual layouts and define the technical strategy for the product. We’ll collaborate closely with you until the final definition and design direction has been established - the best work comes from working together to help realise your goals. The output of this collaboration will be a beautifully crafted statement of work which contains the blueprint for successful delivery.

With the blueprint in hand and the plan fresh in our minds we begin development, the final phase before launch. Here we bring the product to life using the techniques and best-practices outlined in the technical strategy and delivery blueprint. We’ll demo completed features and functionality off the back of every sprint and in the spirit of transparency we share everything from agile boards to time tracking and cost reports. Before launch we’ll run through all your final quality checklists with you to ensure the product perfectly captures your vision.  

We love building products but nothing tops the unrivalled adrenaline fuelled rush of launch day. Cue celebrations and beers all round as we watch your product successfully make it into orbit. 

Once your product is out there, alive and kicking, we won’t run and hide. We’ll remain engaged and offer ongoing maintenance and enhancement plans. Continual success requires continual attention after all. 


Artirix were friendly & patient during the entire process. From the ground up, their quick responses, creativity, and involvement led to success for the Wall Street Journal real estate service.
— Douglas Lauretano @ Wall Street Journal


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