Manage Data Feeds and Content

Through feed management we handle all aspects of getting data into your website, portal or application. This includes managing data and content feeds including user uploads.  Cost effectively manage thousands of data and content feeds whilst maintaining data quality.

  • Real-time feed management
  • Web crawling
  • Customisable upload forms
  • Content mastering and joining
  • Rich and expressive APIs
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Enrich your data

With data enrichment we simplify the creation of a normalised dataset from your internal content, partner feeds and manually uploaded items. The consolidated and enriched database is then available for integration into other tools and applications, with full query and browse capabilities allowing greater monetisation through new and existing channels.

  • Real-time feed management
  • Data normalization, categorization and enrichment
  • Content mastering and joining
  • Rich and expressive APIs
  • Dynamic search, browse and navigation
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Data output and affiliate integration

Search + Navigation

We can provide state of the art search and navigation across all your content. We offer a fully-featured Search experience, in addition to consulting services if you’re looking to deploy ElasticSearch on your own infrastructure. Example projects include complete online-businesses where search is a critical component, as well as corporate extranets and intranets (information sharing, collaboration, compliance etc.)

  • Solution based around market leading Open Source technologies with Artirix proprietary extensions
  • Risk free replacement of legacy Enterprise Search products (Autonomy, FAST…)
  • Choice of complete managed service or expert consulting for internal deployments
  • Increase online conversions
  • Create high-value data sets automatically
  • Enhance information "findability"

Advertiser Management

We recognise the importance of satisfying listing advertisers and suppliers through advertiser management. Our self-service tools simplify the placement, purchase and management of classified listings and products. Advertisers also gain access to rich reporting and analytics on their adverts’ performance as well as increase loyalty with useful and rich tools whilst maintaining maximum cost efficiencies.

  • Complete self-service application for advertisers and administrators
  • User management including business hierarchies
  • Reporting integration with all end-user access points (web, mobile, widgets etc)
  • Customised business models (i.e. ad placement, upgrade costs etc.)

Analytics and Reporting

Event tracking is a key component of any service. Key events are tracked back from queries, leads, and user interface interaction. For our customers we deliver visualisation tools to be able to gauge how successful the system is performing from a systems and customer engagement perspective. This level of analytics and reporting helps you make decisions and enhancements to drive your business further. We have worked with various companies to analyse data sets and drive value from your data.

  • Real time analytical insight at scale
  • Human-friendly instant access to data sets
  • Optimise business models based on user behaviour
  • Fully out-sourced solution that scales to Big Data requirements

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