Boat International Media Limited is the world’s leading media group serving the superyacht industry. They publish the world’s best superyacht magazines and luxury books, organise high quality events, and provide digital media services and data to owners and professionals in the superyacht industry. Their products are targeted to deliver buyers, sellers and operators of superyachts to builders, brokers and service companies that operate within the global superyacht market across all media types.

The challenge

The existing Boat International offering supported separate public search UIs customised for Charter and For Sale verticals. Their team's vision was to create the ultimate online destination for the world of superyachts and luxury lifestyle associated with them. Recently Show Media had redesigned the world famous Boat International publication and the site needed to showcase this magazine content whilst also increasing their appeal to a broader audience. 

The challenge didn't stop with a redesign and merging of two sites though. There needed to be a CMS for content creation and management mixed with support for new and existing superyacht data. We had to take into account all the historical data as well, a complex migration step would be required to pull across all the luxury superyacht and hand crafted editorial content - nothing should be left behind. 

The result

The new service Artirix delivered revolved around their searchable superyachts, which enabled users to search through over 10,000 boats.  Users can quickly sort their results to find the newest, longest, and fastest yachts - built from the search + navigation module.  


The existing administration UI (Artirix Advertiser Management) was integrated with a powerful CMS (CMS features) that runs on top of the Rails framework - this enabled the development team to build a single application with shared authentication.


The administration UI was packed with features allowing Boat International to control all aspects of their superyacht listing and article content. Here are some of the highlights:

Feature Details
Image Processing Configuration for item image sizes to be created for imported images/media. Stores configuration information on suffix, image width and height plus if pad or crop should be used.
User Management For managing users of the Admin UI:
  • Supports creation, activation, editing and deletion of user entities
  • Supports search of user entities
  • Supports multiple user roles
Business Management For managing business entities that act as containers for item data:
  • Supports creation, editing and deletion of business entities
  • Supports linking of business entities to feed entities
  • Supports search for business entities
Item Management For managing imported item data linked to business entities.
Reporting & Analytics Allows front-end events to be captured, stored and aggregated. These events are then accessible through an elastic search index.

Boat International

Year: 2015


  • Software Development
  • Data + Content Search
  • Support + Maintenance