Wall Street Journal Real Estate Marketplace

Global publisher Dow Jones relies on the Artirix Marketplace Solution to run a complete real estate portal for the Wall Street Journal. This generates critical advertiser revenue for their online business, without adding burden to the WSJ development team.

The challenge

As publishers shift their focus to generating revenue online, the WSJ sales group did not have the necessary tools to customize and optimize ad sales to real estate brokers and advertisers. In addition, the overhead of complex feed management was a strain on the WSJ development team, who didn’t have the opportunity to upgrade the usability of real estate search in line with public expectations.

The result

The complete Artirix end-to-end solution provided the full back end infrastructure for WSJ’s online real estate website. This delivered the advertiser features and user experience sought after, whilst removing the internal development burden of managing a complex real-time property website.

Artirix were friendly & patient during the entire process. From the ground up, their quick responses, creativity, and involvement led to success for the Wall Street Journal real estate service.
— Douglas Lauretano @ Wall Street Journal

The Solution

The service Artirix built replaced an existing white-labelled classified product. The Wall Street Journal deployment includes the following features: feed management for multiple property databases and listing services, customised advertiser packages and business rules, business user and technical analytics and reporting, autocomplete plus search and refinement of results and complete operational support and monitoring for guaranteed reliability and performance.

WSJ Real Estate

Year: 2010


  • Software Development
  • Data + Content Search
  • Support + Maintenance