Introducing the Artirix Query Editor (AQE)

Here at Artirix, we’re passionate about creating fast and easy to use search experiences. For many of our clients, this involves searching across a defined geographical area to return items that fall within it. This was most problematic with property portals, with views on what properties a given area should include varying between users, agents and other stakeholders. This was further compounded by the inability of the clients to edit the area themselves, meaning any request to change had to go through our issue tracking system.

After listening to feedback from our clients, we decided to invest in a new centralised tool across all our services. The Artirix Query Editor (AQE) allows clients to edit existing searches by altering the defined area on a map. They can also add new areas to ensure they keep up with the ever changing residential and commercial property markets. 

Highly customisable and quick to set up, this tool gives you the power to take control of your site’s search experience.

Editing location terms

Select your location through categories

Or search for a term and return your list

Once you've found the right term edit the string, lat lon or polygon